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Experience the ultimate Blue View Escape, with a honeymoon or group vacation aboard a private yacht. Blue View Escapes offers a wide range of motor yacht and sailing charters on boats around the world, ranging from 60 feet to over 400 feet. Whether you're an experienced sailor or new to yachting, we will cater to your every desire, budget or extravagance imaginable.


With a Blue View Escapes crewed yacht charter you will:

  • Have the flexibility to plan your own itinerary
  • Explore exotic destinations, secluded harbors and coves where large cruse ships can simply not go
  • Enjoy a personal chef who will prepare custom meals for you and your guests
  • Have access to snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, fishing and much more

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Virgin Islands:

With an abundance of protected anchorages and pristine waters make this region the most popular destination for yacht chartering in the world. Mountainous and lush with spectacular island views, particularly from the peaks facing Sir Francis Drake Passage - a waterway providing perhaps the best sailing in all of the Caribbean.

The Virgin Islands are separated into the bustling U.S. Virgin Islands and the quieter British Virgin Islands.

Duty-free shopping is a major source of revenue for St. Thomas. Cruise ships, freighters and navy ships from around the world make this port of call one of the busiest in the Caribbean. Almost two-thirds of St John is a national park with a keen eye to ecco tourism. The quieter British Virgin Islands offers divers an estimated 300 wrecks to explore; the most impressive of which is the RMS Rhone, sunk off Salt Island in the 1867 hurricane.

The Baths on Virgin Gorda has water clear as glass between towering boulders and hidden caves. Snorkelers also enjoy Anegada, where coral reefs, sea fans and barrel sponges shelter giant schools of brilliant reef fish. The island boasts spectacular beaches and this is the place to go ashore for one of the best lobster dinners you could ever enjoy.

St. Vincent & the Grenadines:

Are a yacht Charterer's paradise. The combination of West Indian island life and luxurious small island seclusion is topped by the finest sailing conditions in the world.

From St. Vincent at the northern end of the chain to Grenada at the south, the islands in between are filled with deserted beaches and aquamarine sea. Stop at the old whaling port of Bequia where wooden boats are still built right on the beach. Visit Mustique, the winter hideaway of celebrities and royalty. Most of the Grenadines are either uninhabited like the Tobago Cays - with their spectacular underwater worlds - or private island resorts.

To the south lies beautiful , Grenada, the "Isle of Spice" known for its nutmeg and cinnamon plantations. From the fertile green interior with sparkling streams and waterfalls to the golden palm-fringed beaches, Grenada has a lot to offer. Visit the capital of St. George's at the base of a volcanic bowl amid slopes lined with red tiled roofs that descend to the edge of the harbor.

Leewards Islands:

Situated southeast of the Virgin Islands encompassing Anguilla, St Martin, St Barts and Antigua. British Anguilla is ringed by powdery white beaches and is a delightful stop for people wanting to get away from it all. The island offers secluded up market resorts with excellent dining ashore.

A livelier atmosphere is found on the half-French and half-Dutch St Martin. The French side boasts a European culture with engaging waterfront bistros and cosmopolitan shopping. The Dutch side (Sint Maarten) has bustling resorts, casinos and duty-free shopping.

Twelve miles to the south lies St. Barts, the Caribbean's St. Tropez. Chic and civilized, the island mixes haute cuisine, jazz bars, art galleries, and fashion. St. Barts is a haven for the beautiful people, definitely the place to see and be seen.

Seventy miles southeast of St Barts lies Antigua, one of the Caribbean's most popular destinations. Antigua has an excellent national park in historic Nelson's Dockyard with its restored warehouses, boutiques, inns and restaurants. Yachts from all over the world descend on Antigua for one of sailing's most prestigious regattas, Antigua Sailing Week.

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Western Mediterranean:

Cruising can only mean the fabled Cote d'Azur for many, a tiny stretch of cosmopolitan coastline. From shopping in glamorous boutiques, to dancing all night in one of the oh-so-chic boites, to diving and other water sports, there is a multitude of pleasurable activities to assault the senses (and the body) on the French Riviera with a yacht charter. The "season" kicks off in late April and runs through October.

And what a vibrant, fashionable season it is. See and be seen from the deck of your yacht in humming St. Tropez or at the glittering Cannes Film Festival or during the always-incomparable Monaco Grand Prix.

Start in St. Tropez with it sleek white yachts and fashionable quayside cafes. Stroll through the winding streets past the market, boutiques and tree-lined squares to a medieval castle.

Savor the sophisticated atmosphere of Cannes; especially in mid-May when the annual film festival brings international stars, many of whom stay aboard chartered luxury yachts.

The Italian Riviera begins in San Remo and stretches hundreds of miles down Italy's western shore as you visit picturesque Portofino or south to the Bay of Naples.

The Isle of Capri, the Blue Grotto, Ischia, the spectacular Amalfi coast and the artist community of Positano all have their special allure. Superb food and fine wine are as abundant here as blue skies.

An overnight passage on your Mediterranean yacht charter will bring you to Corsica with its small fishing villages and unspoiled harbors interspersed along a dramatic western coastline that have changed little since the ancient Roman Empire. Birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, Corsica remains largely undeveloped, with craggy mountains, inland forests, and rocky, dramatic coastline punctuated by splendid beaches.

Cross the Bonifacio Straits to Sardinia and the Costa Smeralda. The Aga Khan developed this beautiful corner of the world in the '50s as a jet-set haven. It has phenomenal beaches, hotels and restaurants. A few miles away are the unspoiled, uninhabited Maddelena Islands - a perfect hideaway that has retained their rustic natural beauty with numerous protected anchorages.

Experience the Mediterranean like you've never have before on a sailing or power yacht charter. Let Blue View Escapes help you plan the perfect yacht charter vacation or the ultimate honeymoon expereince.


Is regarded as one of the most romantic yachting destinations in the world. Hospitable and charming, it certainly lives up to that claim. Turkey's dramatic coastline curls out from Istanbul's Bosporus and Black Seas, through the legendary Sea of Marmara and along its Turquoise Coast to Antalya. Her rocky coastline offers countless bays, protected harbors and spectacular scenery.

Board your yacht in Marmaris and sail north to Kusadasi or Izmir. Take a side trip to Ephesus, ancient capital of Rome's Province of Asia or visit the historical sites at Pergamon or Troy. Ancient tombs carved high into the cliffs, sunken remnants of civilization and deserted coves all await your discovery.

Bargain hunt in traditional markets and revel in the noisy Turkish nightlife. Haggle for a hand woven Turkish carpet in the streets of Marmaris where the shopkeepers expect you to bargain for your purchase!

Leather goods, hand hammered copper urns and stone amphorae are some of the local products that are for sale. Head east to enjoy the natural beauty of Fethiye, or the solitude of Olu Deniz's beaches.


Yachting in Greece allows you to explore the waters of the Mediterranean in classic style. Combining visible remains of the glories of ancient settlements, a cruise in this region makes for an unforgettable experience. The days are long and warm and the sea inviting and these conditions last from May to October each year.

Athens is a natural starting point to any Greek yacht charter with a mix of cultures and history - where traffic signals are meaningless, dinner begins at midnight and soldiers wear pom-poms on their shoes. The exciting port city of Piraeus is ringed with waterfront taverns and bistros.

Greece encompass nearly 300 islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian seas. The Ionian Sea offers the green fertile islands of Corfu and her sisters - sun dappled islands with wild flowers and olive trees. The Aegean reveals the island groups of Cyclades, Sporades and Dodecanese, of which the Cyclades are the most popular, being most accessible to Athens.

Visit Mykonos for its frenetic nightlife and vivacious beaches then up anchor and explore the quieter islands of Santorini or Delos.

Each island has own individual charm and provides an insight to its remarkable history and lure of ancient mythology. These enchanting islands make it possible to discover a new port of call every day. Seas, scenery, ancient wonders and friendly people make Greece an idyllic charter destination.

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From Tampa Bay, to Miami Beach, to fun filled Key West, Florida is the "close to home" getaway for boaters. Without venturing too far from the mainland, marine life and gentle cruising grounds are available for mariners of all kinds.

Cruise to the historical settlement of Saint Augustine, the oldest community in the US and where Ponce de Leon stopped in search of the fabled "fountain of youth". Take a run south from Miami to the land of Margaritaville with the mangrove-fringed keys, where pirates once prowled and hid their golden treasures.

Bahamas Yacht Charter

Comprised of some 700 islands and more than 2,000 uninhabited cays, stretching 500 miles from north to south. The islands are surrounded by perhaps the most stunning crystal clear water in the world due to the shallow waters. Excellent game fishing and scuba diving are the most popular sports and a number of the locations are only accessible from your yacht.

The Abacos in the north retain the cultural flavor and architecture of its former British colonial life. Protected and pristine waters, pink sand beaches and pastel colored cottages make this a delightful area for cruising. Grand Bahama Island features Freeport and Port Lucaya with a modern marina and dockside development.

The bustling city of Nassau boasts five star restaurants, resorts, casinos and superb duty free shopping. The outstanding resort of Atlantis on Paradise Island has an exquisite marina and has the largest aquarium in the world and features a water slide through shark tanks.

The lower Bahamas stretch for hundreds of miles from the Exumas island chain to Great Inagua where you will find clear waters, tranquil anchorages and deserted beaches. From the mild weather in the north to tropical climate in the south, the eastern seaboard is an area of extreme diversity. The rocky coves and cool water of Maine give way to marshes and eventually the endless beaches of Florida.

New England:

Has some of the most interesting cruising in the United States from historical seaports to bustling harbors. Explore Maine's ports of Camden nestling in the shadow of the foothills with its quaint inns and tree-lined streets or Mystic and its maritime museum.

Visit the exclusive seaside community of Newport and tour the famous summer "cottages" built during The Gilded Age. Stop in the charming towns on the sister islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket renowned for its historic significance as a whaling port. Stop in Historical Boston with its bustling harbor and lively markets.

Farther south, the Carolina coast offers a glimpse of the past with antebellum mansions set among sand dunes and swaying seagrass. Shrimp boats ply the waters off shore and small seaside towns burst to life in the summer months when coastal breezes cool the Outer Banks.

Cruise to the historical settlement of Saint Augustine, the oldest community in the US and where Ponce de Leon stopped in search of the fabled "fountain of youth". Take a run south from Miami to the land of Margaritaville with the mangrove-fringed keys, where pirates once prowled and hid their golden treasures. Whether you want a leisurely cruise, energetic water sports, or sport fishing, the southern waters are never disappointing.


Travel up the outer coast of Baranof and Chichigof Islands viewing the sea lions, sea otters and puffins of the St. Lazaria National Wildlife Refuge along the way. Anchor in a secluded bay on the rock strewn outer coast of Chichigof Island. Commune close up with bald eagles, stroll through the haunting temperate rainforest trails of Totem Park. See native totem carvers, silversmiths and artists at work in the Sitka National Historic Monument.

Explore scenic Ogden Passage by sea kayak and shore boat, stopping for a relaxing soak at White Sulfur Hot Springs. Enter Cross Sound to see the Brady Glacier and Cape Spencer. This is prime salmon and halibut country. Visit Elfin Cove and explore the boardwalk village of artists and fisherman, bartering for fresh oysters and the catch of the day.

Kayak among great rafts of sea otters making their home on this hidden secret of Southeast Alaska. Visit Gustavus for a walk on the find sandy beaches left by the retreating glaciers following the fresh tracks of moose that abound in the area. Salmon, halibut and Dungeness crab are abundant for the angler and an optional sightseeing trip with a local bush pilot over the spectacular Glacier Bay Park is available.

At Key Strait and the famous Point Adolphus, launch the shore boat and kayaks to watch up close as humpback whales feed on the plankton in the upwelling nutrient rich waters with a backdrop of the jagged peaks of the Fairweather Range.

Explore the secrets of Chatham Strait. Kayak the marble grottoes of Basket Bay, or fish the trophy steelhead streams of Sitkon Bay visiting the ruins of historic Chatham Cannery or the shore based whaling station of Killisnoo along the way.

Wildlife abounds as you look for brown bears while cruising the shores of Admiralty Island. A relaxing soak in the stone hot springs next to the waterfall in Daranof is in store before your evening anchorage in a mist filled secret bay at the foot of a hanging glacier. In Fredrick Sound cruise the sea lion rockery at the Brothers Islands. Watch for the resident pod of Orca whales to see these carnivorous sea hunters on their stealthy quest for food.

Make your way through the ice strew Tracy Arm National Wilderness Area. Weave through the icebergs looking for black bears and mountain goats to view the actively calving Sawyer Glacier at the terminus of this steep sided Fjord. Depart from historic Juneau, the capital of Alaska after sampling the art galleries and nightlife of this exciting frontier town.

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French Polynesia consists of 118 islands situated in the middle of the Pacific, between 10 and 23° south, 6,500 km from California and 5,400 km from Australia.

Who has never drifted off into a dream when hearing the names of Tahiti or Bora Bora? Diaphanous lagoons, multicolored fish, a seabed in the hues of the rainbow, fruit and flowers in abundance, a friendly and gay population, songs accompanied by the strumming of ukeles, all this is an invitation to escape to these islands at the other end of the world.

Lying 180 miles from Tahiti, the jewel-like Tuamotu islands are the ideal spot for deep sea diving. The beauty of the lagoons will delight water sport fans and navigators inspired by a Robinson Crusoe spirit. A base at Tikehau has facilities for bareboat rentals, for exploring some magnificent atolls, such as those of Rangiroa. However, navigation is more difficult in these waters and demands a high level of experience where the crewed yachts are essential. The Marquesas, tall islands with sculptural shapes, emerge out of the sea 750 miles away from Tahiti.

The tropical climate, cooled by the trade winds, offers mild variations, between 24 and 30°C for the air temperature, and 26° for the water temperature.

During the dry season, from April to October, the Maramu wind can stir up in July and August and reach 25 to 30 knots. During the hot season, from November to March, the winds die down and the sea is calm, but rain falls more frequently, especially between December and February.